2018 so far…….

So the weather definitely hasn’t been on any of our sides in 2018 😦
But it seems like all that is finally changing.

Here at Freedom7mx, its been a very late start on many levels.
Moving over to the 4-strokes for this year will be an interesting experience.
The KTM 350sxf will be here soon and Im looking forward to getting out on her and seeing what she has to offer 😉
We have a new addition to the Freedom7mx family in the presence of Dorina Enet, who will be offering her experience as an Clinical Exercise Physiologist.
With an extensive background in movement therapy and fitness training, Im very excited to be taking what we do here to the next level.

Due to unforeseen events, we will not be able to use our normal coaching track until next year.
So I am currently talking to a few people on securing some new tracks for us to play with.

Hoping to catch up with old friends and making new ones out on a track near you soon.

Until then, safe and fun riding.


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