MX Coaching Day Saturday 5th October

We believe everyone has a right to be their best

That’s why we provide the most comprehensive MX coaching at the most affordable price

Wanna be a part of it?

The day starts out with some easy stretches
Next I go over the techniques we will cover to familarise you with them and add some closely guarded secrets
Once out on the track, I explain each technique fully, giving you chance to ask any questions
I then show you what the technique looks like in action
As you work on each technique I give you instant feedback so you can understand the technique and experience what it feels like (this is very important)
At the end of the day you ride the whole track where I assess all techniques and give you instant feedback if anything needs to be corrected
I will also email/mail out to you a more detailed assessment including the key points for each technique
This you will be able to use to further develop your riding :)

Next group session Sat 5th October at Wickwar, near Chipping Sodbury
£50 per rider
For more info call Paul on 07921 903009

Some recent reviews

My general feedback is that I gained a big confidence boost out of the day
and most of all in the skill area of jumping, which has been noticed by my
colleagues in the races that I have taken part in since the training day.

You have a nice package, which is fun and great value for money and perhaps
most of all I was impressed by your teaching skills and general approach
namely; the positive reinforcement techniques used and the excellent bike
demonstration skills that really drives home inspiration and motivation for

Dave P.

If you’re looking for some excellent coaching then look no further! Proper hands on coaching by someone who rides as well as he teaches. Every technique is explained by Paul then he rides to show you how it should be done. I learned more in one day than i have in years of reading and watching videos. Will deffo be signing up for more.
Thanks to Paul and his team.

Barrie G.

Excellent coaching session, Paul showed me how to do things on a bike I didn’t think I’d be able to.
He’s supportive & full of positive energy & enthusiasm

George A.

“Small group of riders gave it that personal feel, Paul was able to connect to each person rather than the group as a whole when required.
Paul is a great teacher able to simply explain the techniques required to all levels of rider. Also Paul instills confidence right from the off with a relaxed teaching method.
For me personally it has been a COMPLETE game changer some basic techniques for me to really work on in my own time, my confidence has increased 2 fold changing up a gear into jumps was such a big surprise the outcome was amazing higher further smoother oh and safer.

Kind Regards
Aaron: 0)



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