Training partner

Training partner
I wanted to touch on the subject of a training partner
It could be anyone from your Girlfriend, Wife, Mum Dad, Brother Sister or friend
It just so happens that mine is my dog. Yes that’s right, my dog
You see the thing is, it doesn’t matter what the weather is, how tired I feel or any other excuse I could come up with, He still has to go out two times a day
But the funny thing is, is that even if its pouring down with rain or a couple of feet deep in snow, after a couple of minutes of being out, I’m glad I am
I’ve also got into the habit of letting him lead me where he wants to go which helps to break up the monotony of hiking the same route
The other benefit is, that because we are out in all kinds of weather, I adapt to the changing climate
So things like colds and hay fever, don’t really seem to affect me
Usually in our afternoon walks(it’s more like fast walking anyway)I like to run, which is another benefit as the ground is uneven helping to work more muscles than you usually would if you were running on a machine
He really enjoys that and it’s hard keeping up with him
An added bonus is we get to see lots of wildlife and enjoy each others company immensely

So, a training partner is someone who can motivate you to get out
Vary the exercise
Push you
And reward you for your hard work

Now go out and find yours 


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