Fitness Assessment


Whether you are a seasoned pro, who probably started prep a couple of months ago,
a racer of a few years making their way through the ranks, a newbie to racing or a weekend warrior 
Now would be a great time to assess your fitness level in preparation for next years season
Maybe you have the strength, but not the endurance
Maybe you need to put on a bit of bulk or lose some
Or maybe, you just need to make a tweak here or there
The best place to start is an assessment of where you are currently at
There are a couple of ways to do this
Think back to the last couple of times you were riding, were you aware of any weaknesses you felt?
If you have the opportunity to ride over the next week, go out with the idea in mind to find those weaknesses
Shoot for a specific length(maybe your race time)and see if you can go at 90% for the entirety?
If you cannot, think about the the muscles used in combination when riding and design your self a mini workout to test your strength and endurance
Some of you may be members of a gym, ask one of the instructors
If you get on it now, by the time the season rolls around you should be in good shape
As for myself, I realized that moving onto a 250cc 2-stroke I wasn’t quite strong enough to throw it around as I wanted
My muscular endurance isn’t anywhere near where I want it to be and also my lactic tolerance(the acid your muscles release when they get fatigued, this is what make you feel sick or can;t hold on anymore)is quite low
-So my plan is to focus primarily on building especially my upper body strength, as well as my mid and lower
-Work on increasing my flexibility and muscular endurance with yoga
I will keep this up probably until mid to end of February
Then incorporate more endurance through longer times on rower, mountain biking or running
Let me know if you have any questions or just want to add what you are doing
Paul šŸ™‚


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