Vets MXon 2012 USA style


What an awesome weekend was had by all who experienced the Vets MXoN 2012 

It was full-on from the riding to checking out the bikes, sampling the trade stands, catching up with old friends and making a few new ones along the way 
Obviously the highlight of the weekend was the desire, talent and strength of Ryan Hughes. He was absolutely unbelievable. Charging through the pack on quite a few occasions to literally hoisting the bikes around, it was a pleasure to watch.

One of the unsung heroes was Doug Dubach, who also put on some great charges through the pack. 
I felt that Wardy kind of struggled a bit the whole weekend. In the last race he gated 1st, only to go down on the third corner leaving him dead last 
For Ron Lechien, it was over before it really started 
In practice/timing his gearbox stuck in second gear for the entirety 
Then in the first race his gear lever came off the shaft leaving him stuck in first gear. He rallied on for a couple of laps until the biked decided to seize as he took of the face of the jump in the woods throwing him violently over the bars and pretty much trashing the whole rear end of the bike 
Due to injuring his shoulder, that was all we saw of his iconic style 

Also great to see 70’s legends such as Chuck Sun and Mike Bell

There was so much that happened the weekend that it’s hard to remember it all. If you were there then you know what I’m talking about 
If you weren’t, then you’d better put it on the calendar for 2013 
See you there 🙂

Team USA


The Kit


Each rider had there own way of preparing for battle
Doug Dubach chose fluid movements, like swinging upper body and running on spot
Ryan Hughes used different items to stretch and warm up muscles
While Wardy cosed his eyes to focus his mind


Oh, and the bikes

The Kawasakis were about as trick as they come
Aluminum tanks, custom triple clamps, anodized forks and shock with Pro Circuit set-up, Mitch Payton(Pro Circuit)ported engines with matching pipes, skid plates that attached to mountings on frame, over-sized discs with custom caliper mounts, custom chain guide and custom carb intake




Til next year 🙂


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