Where are YOU at?


Now is the perfect time to take a look at where you are in relation to your motocross life
For a great tool, check out this video HERE

Perhaps you need to strip down your bike, grease all bearings and replace any worn or broken parts. Maybe add a special part that will enhance your riding(put it in your Christmas list to Santa)

Think about your riding gear? Would it help to have a new pair of boots that fit better, have more movement to help with your controls?(brake/gear lever). Replace or upgrade to a knee brace? How about a kit bag to help organize your kit so your goggles aren’t being kicked around the floor and scratched-up?

What about your body?
Do you need to work on your stamina or maybe upper strength, add some yoga for extra flexibility? Try out some new recipes, juicing or adding protein shakes to your diet. Ive recently added porridge to my breakfast? Nice and hot and with a slow release of energy throughout the morning. Perfect after early workouts.

As for riding. Sure there’s not much going on. But hey, couldn’t you enter a few enduros? Work on your stamina, riding stood up more, new techniques? How about some trail riding with some buddies?

What about your mind?
Maybe get into some meditation. Watch Bubba, Carmichael, Villopoto, study what they do. Motocross is a thinking mans sport also. Work on your positive thoughts and dispel those negative ones. Create a fun, energetic vibe going into 2012.

And don’t forget your sponsors!
This can be a simple as thanking your Mum for washing all your gear for the season, your Dad for mechanics. Your brother for driving you to the track or your sister for making you laugh when you came off. Remember, it takes many, many people for you to be able to ride. If it’s just you, then hey, give yourself a big pat on the back.

The thing is, don’t wait until the New Year and riding season is upon you to start thinking about all that stuff then. Be ahead of the game. This way when it gets started, you’re already in full-swing. And if you’re in competition, think about all those riders that just chilled through the winter?



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