Fun in the Mud


So, Im now in the third week of the second phase of my winter training. I can tell you this last three weeks have been interesting. The first week was running in heart rate zone 3(more on this later), then the next week included moving 52 litres of spring water over half a mile on Tuesday, 5 x 1hr massages on Wednesday, then Friday and Saturday were spent smashing up concrete and relaying a patio. Imagine trying to put that into a magazine fitness workout?

Today was spent in my muddy back garden. The countryside really. It’s incredible how muddy it has gotten in one week. I prefer to train outside as I love the countryside, the fresh air and also use it to take my dog out. On the fitness end of things, the uneven ground works the muscles better. You have different terrain, elevations and it also helps to acclimatise you to the weather conditions. Although, today I stepped on what I thought was soild ground and was submerged in mud, cow sh*t and p*ss up to my shins. Got to be good for the shin though. Right?

Predominantly, Ive been focusing on my endurance by using a heart rate monitor. This little gizmo is the greatest invention for training. It gives you an immediate feedback as to your effort. This helps in so many ways. It takes the guesswork out of your workouts, keeps you motivated and dare I say, its now fun to train. That’s right, I said it!. The idea is to workout in different heart rate zones. Kind of like building a house. First you build a strong foundation, then you add the bricks, next comes the floor, so on until you finally put on the roof. So you start off in lower heart rate zones for a few weeks, then a few weeks in the next zone, so on and so forth. At this point, I wont go into the ins and outs as I’m still learning all the intricacies of it. I can’t just spew off information to you without first being the test guinea pig. All I can say is that with limited training time, it has really, really helped.
Today, its not about working harder, its about working smarter. With this in mind I will be adding info about heart rate monitors and training zones soon though.
Until the next update. Be safe.


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