3-day Ride Fest


What an amazing week last week
Started off on Thursday at Zack Seifert’s grassy track on the side of a hill in glorious sunshine
Just one of those magical English days
As the track is fairly new it was quite slippery to start because here were no ruts
I love this kind of riding, gets you back into the core of riding
All about the finesse of throttle control and body placement for equal traction between the front and rear end
I added a new section to the track that came down the hill on a 35% angle, braking and turning on a camber and then back up the hill
Classic old-school section
As it started to rut up you could be a little bit more aggressive on the throttle and lean into it
It was a pleasure coaching Zack as he is a very intelligent rider and we talked a lot about the psychology or riding
He even came to the track with a solid idea of what he wanted to work on that day
Very impressive
Because of this, he was a fast learner and applied those techniques with a natural flow
His speed and style(which was good from the beginning)had vastly improved by the end of the day
Even Josh(Zack’s friend)got to put in some good laps at the end of the day


For Friday it was onto Brian‘s track
A lovely peaty track that is as bumpy as a badgers bum
The idea was to work on some ideas for a coaching promo video that I am putting together
It can sometimes be a little crazy when you are riding, directing and trying to do it all yourself
Luckily Dad was there to add his ideas to the pot and of course, be cameraman
Got in a couple hours worth as I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out
Which came out quite well actually


Saturday was off to Chris Bunce’s(Tormarton MX) new Keynsham winter track
Set in a fairly flat grassy field with a whoop section and some jumps
Once again it was quite greasy until it rutted up
Just letting the back hang-out, so much fun
Its a bit different on a 2-stroke compared to those 4-strokes
But hey, that’s what it all about
Put in quite a few 15-20 minute sessions at about 70%
It was good to be mixing it up with other riders and all that brings
Even managed to hit the deck pretty hard, been a while since that happened
My body didn’t let me forget though. lol

All-in-all an amazing few days riding
It was so great to be back in the flow of things and around all those people who share the same interest
Really looking forward to the next outing

Many thanks to Zack, Brian and Chris
And especially my Dad, who kept the bike singing all week


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