Street Test Day 20th Oct


Well another great day down in Street with Brian and Mark at there practice track. It started off with about 2 hours of strimming(thanks to Gavin at Brandon Hire for hooking me up a great price) the long grass, thistles and such. Marking out some new lines to play with. Then on to testing the new mods. See HERE for mods info.

After about a month of running 3 times a week, some core and weight workouts, Im starting to feel a bit more comfortable on the bike. More in unison and flowing. That enabled me to concentrate a bit more on the power characteristics. Power wise the bike is feeling a lot more balanced. Like I said in earlier post, now the usable powerband is in the 40-90% range. This makes riding a lot more manageable and pleasing. When the power comes in, it does so in the lower ranges and pulls smoothly through to the top and seems to really dig in to the dirt gaining great traction. It’s a lot easier to control the front end and lift it when needed, even when hard on the gas. So, engine wise, Im feeling really confident in it. Braking is another thing. Not sure if the back brake is not quite adjusted to right height, boots need running in more or maybe just a rebuild of caliper and bleeding! Got quite a lot of arm pump in my biceps, which is a new one on me. Going to have to change my workout a bit I think. Lots to work on, but hey, that’s the fun.

It was great to see Brian and Mark again as it had been a while. As they had ridden the Weymoth Beach race, their bikes were currently stripped down for an overhaul. So they rolled out Marks’ 1991 CR 250 project, which was great to see. We all managed to get in some good riding. Obviously at this time of year the evenings are against us. But anytime on the bike is good time.


Looking forward to getting together with them and the other guys at the High Ham charity event that is happening on Nov  5th. So hopefully I’ll see you there. Please come over an introduce yourselves as it would be great to add more riders to my facebook and have more friends to ride with. Maybe I”l catch you at The Dirt Bike show. Take care for now


P.S. Forgot to say a big thanks to Dad for bike tech and looking after my baby on ride days. x


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