Street/Zoyland practice day


Awesome day yesterday. Started off at Weston Zoyland as I was later meeting Brian Miles and his brother Mark at their track. If you’ve been to Zoyland you know what it’s like. If not, it’s tight, short, has bottomless bumps and like riding on concrete. Perfect for working on fitness, momentum and whipping the bike around. Talked to a couple of local lads there who are new to motocross, Zack Seifert and Josh Hocklin(if your going to Zoyland, hit them up on their facebooks, Im sure they’d love to ride with you or come and watch).

From there it was on to Brian and Marks’ private track. They have a lovely hidden track that is on a peaty soil. Great berms, some whoops in places, nice straights which are just the right kind of bumpy, jumps and perfect up on the pegs drifting corners. And on top of that, they are the nicest guys you could meet. So many thanks Brian and Mark for me offering me the chance to come and ride.

I feel I’m starting to get back in the flow of things, getting my fitness up and working the bike a lot more. Had to harden up the front forks a little as they were bottoming-out too easily. We had also drilled out the airbox to get some more air in her and worked the jetting some. Now she is like a rocket. A little tweak to the gearing ratios and I think we’ll be quite close.

It was the first time in about 20 years, that both my Mother and Father came along to motocross. Reminded me of the good old days when my grandparents used to come too.


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