Street practice day

Went down to Street practice session being run by Matt White today. I had ridden that track back in 1991, but its looking a lot better now. Ran into Wayne Butt again, thats twice now in one week. Before that I hadn’t seen him since 1990, so was great to catch up. He was down there working up his stamina for the Twin shock series, albeit on a 450 Kawasaki. Wayne and I have known each other since the schoolboy ranks back in the the late 70s. Wayne graciously offered me to take his 450(now coined THE BEAST)out for a few laps around the track. Seeing as I hadn’t been on a proper track or bike for 20yrs and not having been on a 450(4 stroke), I was in for quite a surprise. To the say the power comes in like a Mike Tyson punch is an understatement. That tied to the fact that I was trying to ride it like a 2 stroke and leaning very heavily on the clutch wasn’t helping. After nearly flipping her out on a tabletop and being totally bike unfit I thought I’d take a breather and get my energy back. An hour later and some nuts and raisins, it was time to try and tame the beast. Who was I kidding. Keeping her in a higher gear, opening up the turns and delivering the power more smoothly definetely seemed to help. Unfortunately, there was no way of getting around the fact that I was totally bike unfit. All seemed to go well if I connected about 4 corners together, took a lap to catch my energy and patch a few more corners together again. lol. This lasted for a glorious 6 laps. Totally knackered, I retreated to the pits. Nigel Harris and his son Ryan kindly offered me their KX250F to have a go on. That I can say, was a lot more fitting for my current state(38yrs young). I could put at least three quarters of a lap together before my muscles started to fail. It definetely went where I wanted to go. It was great meeting and talking to so many riders from a different era.
All in all, it was a great day.
    I’d like to thank Matt White for inviting me down, Wayne Butt for letting me use his bike, Nigel and Ryan Harris for letting me use their bike and Ashley Morton for lending me his spare pair of knee pads.
See you soon, Im off to the gym


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